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How many people pay attention to new items? Almost all of your customers pay attention to new products and brands. They allow to refresh the mind of the buyer and guarantee you commercial success. We help to deliver goods, distribute products and provide services for creating your own brand for your business, whether it's a network of stores or pharmacies. Today we interact with the major players in the market of cosmetics and body care accessories.

We care about our customers.

Each client receives detailed advice on the delivery and quality of the products.

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Several advantages of working with us

From zero to the counter in 2 months

Expand the assortment
with a new product
in just 2 months. Successful introduction to the range of new products with a full set of documents and necessary certificates...

Cargo delivery from 15 days

Run ahead of rivals
with the fastest delivery service from 15 days. To accelerate the delivery, all possible modes of transportation are used: rail, sea...

Actual solutions

Apply the latest technology of marketing and design. Development and introduction of the product in the assortment policy in accordance with current market trends...

Customs clearance

Get rid of the need to fill out forms and interact with customs authorities yourself. Preparation of a package of all necessary documents for customs control...

Example of quality

Verify the high quality of the products together with the samples available at the stage of order approval. This approach avoids the situation with a "pig in a poke" and enhances the company's reputation...


Emphasize the individuality. Quality service, taking into account the individual characteristics of the business and wishes for the fulfillment of the order, is emphasized on the strongest and most attractive...


Use the door-to-door service and get rid of unnecessary troubles for processing documents, agreeing terms, certification and passing customs control...


Complies with international quality standards and regulations of the Customs Union. Cooperation with leading laboratories and certifying bodies ensures compliance with all rules...

Work on results

Appreciate your own time. Operative and coordinated work of managers speeds up the coordination and execution of the order. Interaction with proven factories...


We provide our customers with the opportunity to use the service of logistics, distribution or COB. High quality and speed of rendered services allow you to be a few steps ahead of competitors and make a profit.
If you are interested in cooperation and want to know more about the capabilities of our company, choose the direction of activity that interests you in the block on the right side.



COB is customer's own brand based on noname products, which allows you to increase profits. COB products are popular with large resellers and end users. We create a COB from the start to the "turnkey".


Express delivery of goods from China for 15 days by rail for the cost of sea transports. Accelerated sea, road and air delivery of goods to Russia along the optimal routes.


The movement of products from the manufacturer to the sales network. The assortment includes more than 25 brands and own registered trademarks (personal hygiene, facial and body care, goods for children, sports, everyday life, various accessories).

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