Дистрибуция EAST WEST Group ускоряет движение продукции от производителя до торговой сети, сохраняя качество на неизменно высоком уровне.

Более 13 лет EAST WEST Group широко известна крупным реселлерам и конечным потребителям как одна из наиболее востребованных дистрибьюторских компаний на рынке товаров народного потребления. Ассортимет EAST WEST Group насчитывает более 5000 наименований, 25 брендов и 150 международных компаний-производителей. Качественный сервис дистрибуции товаров для ретейл-бизнеса включает в себя следующие аспекты:


Складирование и хранение в складской системе

Передача прав собственности на продукт

Обеспечение сохранности и качества продукции

Высокий уровень логистического сервиса

и анализ затрат

Today EAST WEST Group has a wide distribution network serving self-employed builders, wholesale companies and large retail chains. Due to well-established external logistics, the promotion of goods is possible throughout the Russian Federation. Customers can access a full range of high-quality services for the sale of goods - from the idea of creating a trademark to the delivery of goods.


Profitable distribution with EAST WEST Group:


  • Goods with high turnover,
  • Socially important and competitive products,
  • Prospects from the point of view of marketing and sales,
  • "Anchors" for attracting and retaining customers at the store.


Convenient terms of cooperation with EAST WEST Group:


  • Execution of the order in proper quantity and quality in the agreed time.
  • Flexible pricing policy.
  • Compliance with commercial terms.


Expanding of assortment in any price segment


A wide range of products is suitable for various formats of trading platforms - from a small stall to a large hypermarket. Studying of preferences of consumers allows to recommend the products of various price groups most favorable for realization - high-turnover and "top" positions.

Success is the situation when you takes profit and others work. EAST WEST Group - we will do the work for you.

 EAST WEST Group takes care of all the technical work to ensure the trade flows move from the manufacturer to the end consumer. Delivered products are available under a variety of registered trademarks. The assortment of the company has more than 25 own brands: products for children under the brands BAMBINO and BINKY, goods for sports BLUE MOUNTAINS, goods for personal care and cosmetic accessories BLOOM COLLECTION, LUNA COSMETICS, PURE and LINE NATURE, travel accessories BON VOYAGE, products for home GREEN LEAF, MAGIC WIPE, PLATINUM and CRYSTAL BEADS, products for oral care DENTALE and SMILECARE, manicure equipment HEALTH REPUBLIC and EVANS, as well as many other products under different brands.

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